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The Producing Work

A Selection of the projects that I've been lucky enough to be a part of behind the camera.


Supervising Producer

Amidst a catastrophic plastic waste crisis in her hometown of Nairobi, Nzambi Matee risks everything to pioneer technology that transforms plastic waste into sustainable paving bricks.

Ritual Arts

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Next Exit

Production Manager

Two unhappy strangers find themselves on a road trip across the U.S. to partake in a scientist's radical experiment with the afterlife in Mali Elfman's poignant sci-fi debut.

XYZ Films

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How To Blow Up A Pipeline

Line Producer - Additional Photogrpahy

A crew of environmental activists plot a daring plan to disrupt an oil pipeline.

Chrono Pictures

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Order Up!

Line Producer

Hudson Yang is put through his paces on the ultimate crash course in chef apprenticeship. As he travels across America and then to Singapore, Hudson must compress the classic chef apprenticeship by visiting several renowned restaurants and cooking with a number of accomplished chefs to master complex dishes and techniques.

Insight TV




We meet 4 couples at a crossroads in their relationship. We get to know our couples and follow them through their daily lives while they ask each other questions that they've been holding on to in the hopes that their vulnerability and honestly will help them push through to the other side.

The CW Network

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